Monday, April 19, 2010

Las Vegas, Nevada


Being twenty degrees warmer than Washington, Las Vegas was a welcome change of temperature for a spring addition to having a nightlife, gambling, things to do, a population, etc. The trip from Los Angeles took about six hours due to traffic since we decided to go on the first official weekend of spring break for most colleges. Well worth it.

Saturday day was spent sightseeing. Here's the MGM and a giant coke bottle that some giant finished drinking.


The Aria hotel viewed from the pool of the Monte Carlo adorned with native palm trees.


Water tornadoes inside the Aria mall / shopping area

IMG_3381 IMG_3379

Run! The bees are attacking! Only the lady in the blue shirt seems startled. This is inside the Bellagio.


Also inside the Bellagio.


Inside one of the newer clubs in Vegas - XS. When we showed up there were about two hundred people walking around and paying fourteen dollars for Long Island Iced Teas. By the time we left we couldn't move...but people were still paying fourteen dollars for Long Island Iced Teas. I don't know this guy but he seems content. Or drunk.


This club made clubs in LA look puny. It was amazing.


Every day is Saturday here. I turned twenty dollars into sixty in five minutes...and then sixty into zero in one minute. Can't wait to go back.