Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spokane, Washington


Spokane is actually a fairly large city on the border of Washington and Idaho that I didn't feel like exploring. Instead I drove around the area admiring the vast nothingness in all directions.

I spent a grand total of about five hours away from the dumb air force base here...the dumb air force base being Fairchild AFB, which, like Vance AFB is also in the middle of nowhere. Go Air Force. You win the award for most boring base locations ever. The five hours was mostly spent driving to Idaho, because how often will you ever drive around Idaho? Never. Unless you're at a dumb air force base. Anyway, the above picture was taken from the side of the road somewhere near the border.


Here's a decent picture of Spokane off in the distance taken from one of the highest points around. I must be at least whopping one hundred feet high here. There was also a nice fast-food cup on the floor keeping me company.


And because I had nothing else to do, I decided to wait around for the sunset. Not bad, Spokane.



That's about it. Wasn't that amazing? I only spent a few days here and was busy with training the entire time. Here's a picture of the scenery a few miles outside town headed West...away from Fairchild. Hooray.